Friday, April 16, 2010

Musicians in the park

With the rest of my day off I decided to visit a park I had spotted when "misplaced" last week from the knight in shining armour aka a rickshaw. Families & couples were sitting on the grass and benches, relaxing or having picnics. There was a small zoo with gazelles, but I couldn't work out how to enter, so I continued walking around. I came across a group of young boys setting up a band. A young man was sat on a bench strumming a guitar (detail above) and in a space in front of a turquoise building they were setting up a drum kit and electric guitars.

I sat at a vacant picnic table sketching them; I even added colour on site (photo left). It soon became clear that they were using the park as a place for band practice. When I left, they had regrouped now with the drummer had his back to me and he was joined by 3 or 4 electric guitar players and a keyboard. The short parts of tunes they played sounded quite good, especially the guitarists, and there was lots of fun and laughter. What a fabulous thing to hear and witness. I am thankful for seeing this slice of normal Khartoum life.

Right is the sketch of the drummer.

Below is the whole page of my A5 sketchbook.

Finally a photo of the beautiful turquoise building.