Thursday, April 1, 2010

Weekly tests

Today I gave my classes a short test, too short as it turned out, as my subjects in the second sketch all finished before I'd barely got the base colours down. As much as the second sketch is unfinished I feel the top one is over-worked.
This was the first time I'd used watercolour in my new moleskin, actually as the pic above is only the second sketch that's not really surprising. What was surprising was that the paper is very water-resistant, which shows most on the second sketch where it has repelled colour. I found that I had to use a virtually dry brush interesting. I may work up the 2nd sketch over the weekend and will post it if I do.


  1. Looks promising, just the same. I tend to do ink sketches THEN color them at leisure. But The hotshot watercolor painters can probably do it ALL in one step.
    Do you live in Italy, or did you just buy a "home base" there?!!

  2. I'm trying to push myself to do things differently, for example I normally only draw with ink and don't add colour. With the ladies I wanted to get the idea of colour, so I sketched very very quickly in pencil then started the colour.

    Home base only, unfortunately.


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