Saturday, April 3, 2010

One of one milllion giraffes

Whilst wandering through posts from my cyber-artist friends Friday morning, I clicked on someone, who led me to some else's blog, who in turn took me to this amazingly crazy project one million giraffes. Am I the only one who starts with bloglines and 3 hours later can't remember with whom they started, or worse work out where the day went? Anyway I liked this crazy idea and above is my submission, although I may work on it a little more.  
Nb: I was surprised, when looking at the photo carefully, to notice that the giraffe has wrinkles on his neck and face. Left: is the reference pic I took in South Africa, Christmas 2008. I think he, or is it she, looks very regal in this position. Check out those wrinkles for yourself.

Below are two more giraffe pictures I took in Hluhluwe- iMfolozi national park, South Africa.

Edit: I have just been told that my giraffe is "now out on the field playing around with the other 707 675 giraffes" Click here to view it:


  1. GREAT drawing..
    The good news is that you remembered where to post your submission!!!

    Gosh what an interesting life you're leading. And the drawing/painting DOES make us look more closely and carefully at things, doesn't it??

  2. Giraffes are one of my favorite animals and your drawing is beautiful! How cool to have seen them in their natural environment too.

  3. Thank you both for your comments.

    Yes I was very fortunate to see giraffes in real life.

  4. Love giraffe. I it's one of the nicest animals.
    Beautiful drawing! :)

  5. Sue, I like your giraffe. Such a wonderful expression. What an amazing project that must have been to get involved in. ...oh, and thanks for the FB comment.


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