Saturday, April 3, 2010

One of one milllion giraffes

Whilst wandering through posts from my cyber-artist friends Friday morning, I clicked on someone, who led me to some else's blog, who in turn took me to this amazingly crazy project one million giraffes. Am I the only one who starts with bloglines and 3 hours later can't remember with whom they started, or worse work out where the day went? Anyway I liked this crazy idea and above is my submission, although I may work on it a little more.  
Nb: I was surprised, when looking at the photo carefully, to notice that the giraffe has wrinkles on his neck and face. Left: is the reference pic I took in South Africa, Christmas 2008. I think he, or is it she, looks very regal in this position. Check out those wrinkles for yourself.

Below are two more giraffe pictures I took in Hluhluwe- iMfolozi national park, South Africa.

Edit: I have just been told that my giraffe is "now out on the field playing around with the other 707 675 giraffes" Click here to view it: