Saturday, August 28, 2010

Paycocke's House

Pen & watercolour in A3 sketchbook.
It's a bank holiday weekend here in UK (a long weekend) and surprisingly the sun is out. This morning I went over to the National Trust property of Paycocke's House, which is celebrating it's 500th anniversary with a Tudor weekend. Henry VIIIth advised me to start in the garden as there were rain clouds on the horizon. I took a walk around and then sat to do the sketch above of the dancers. The costumes were amazing and with the sun still out the garden was a great setting for the Tudor dances.
Tudor dancing.
The proof I painted on site.
BTW (B**ch alert) My confidence improved on seeing the resident's artist's watercolour work, very mediocre and tonally flat, and his dreadfully reproduced cards (looked like colour photocopies on card). I really must get some finished work done instead of only sketching.

BTW2. All pictures at the moment are low resolution as connection is bad and I can't upload bigger files. Sorry.