Thursday, October 13, 2011

Busy, busy, busy

Hanging pictures ready for Art Event: Private view this Saturday.
So much has gone on these last two weeks it is hard to know where to start.

Synchronicity occurred during the first week of October when I entered an online facebook competition to win a book of b&w photos with the Qatar Museum Authority (QMA). Sunday lunchtime - I was drawn from the hat, and Monday I collected my prize over a cup of tea and quick chat about who I was. Tuesday nasty photo published of me and my prize on FB plus my FB page & blog details. (see below) As I wrote on my facebook page "I won a prize and got some publicity for my art too".

If only I had known how much... The same day I was called by their senior designer who wanted to commission some illustrations after looking at my work. Last Thursday, I met her and  she commissioned some drawings for her concept towards a collectors exhibition. You may notice from the example below that it is not my normal style, I was requested to do them in a woodblock/scraper board effect. As with all these things, there was little time to do the work, this morning, a week later, I delivered 3 illustrations. Fingers crossed the concept is accepted because that will mean lots more work for them. A big thank you to all of you who replied to my email asking for help: all your answers were very useful.

Khanjar (QMA commission) © Sue Pownall 2011
Now, a normally sane person would take a break after working too many hours to get the illustrations done on time, but no... This Saturday, a friend is hosting an art event to showcase my original drawings and new limited edition prints, which has involved making posters, promoting it, signing prints, hanging pictures (see top photo), converting prices into local currency and the to-do list is still a mile long too. However, if I make a sale I will be happy or if I gain a commission that would be nice too.

Another thing I have been doing, is working on a new book of drawings and photos from this summer's trip, but I haven't finished it yet. To the left is the contents page. I'm currently calling it Cuban Scenes, but if you can think of a better title, all suggestion are appreciated.

Finally, I wrote and distributed my first newsletter. Don't worry if you didn't get a copy, you can still sign up and receive it, just use the tab above.