Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Envisioning Doha skyline as Emerald City backdrop.© Sue Pownall 2011
 The day after I returned to Doha I ended up at the welcome night of the Doha Players, the local theatre group. Somehow, I ended up volunteering to be involved in the set building for their upcoming Wizard of Oz (WoOZ), and better have been engaged to translate the director's and build team's ideas for the sets into workable designs. Sue Pownall- Artist, illustrator and set designer??? Unfortunately not as I am leaving Qatar tomorrow.

Waiting to audition © Sue Pownall 2011
My A3 sketch pad.
Anyway, my first task was to turn up to the auditions to view the space we would be working with. By coincidence the next day, Cathy Gatland, A sketch in time,  posted a lovely sketch of children rehearsing. Inspired I decided to see if I could produce something similar.

First off I drew the stage, and then concentrated on the groups of children sitting, standing,and singing. Considering how much children move about, I am very pleased with the results.

Then, the following week, I had to produce the first, and as it turned out last, set idea, which was for theEmerald City backdrop. I would like to have done more, and seen the project through, but life has other plans for me. Keeping me focused on drawing perhaps?
Auditions © Sue Pownall 2011

btw the sketches were done in pencil and the set with coloured inks and ink pen.