Sunday, October 16, 2011

Showcasing my work

Before the event.
On Thursday I wrote that a friend was hosting an art event to showcase my original drawings and new limited edition giclée prints here in Doha. I am very happy to report that it was a wonderful day and a great success. I was especially worried that nobody wold turn up, but we had people coming in all day. It was a wonderfully informal affair, which suited me, with people staying for a tea or coffee, cake and a chat.

Remember in that last post I wrote:
"if I make a sale I will be happy or if I gain a commission that would be nice too"
Well, with regards to prints, I covered my printing costs and ended up in profit on print sales. I sold all four copies of my book Portraits of Khartoum that I had. However, the biggest news was that I sold the framed original of Khalifa's Gate. I'm sad to let it go, to be honest, but I know the new owner will give it a good home. Two of the prints sold were also of Khalifa's Gate, which I have to confess to being a favourite. Still, as one of our guests said,  'Duke Ellington, who, when asked what his favourite composition was, replied that he hadn't written it yet'. I guess my favourite is the next one I draw.

SOLD! With the happy new owner of Khalifa's Gate.
A special thanks goes to my fantastic friend Karen who hosted the day, a big thank you to all my friends who came and supported me, and finally thank you to everyone who bought something.
With the event's wonderful hostess.
If you wish to purchase one of my limited edition giclée prints, or wish to commission a drawing, please use the contact form above. 
Full details on print availability were in my newsletter and will be available on a tab here in the next day or two.