Saturday, October 1, 2011

Doha doodles

Critical Thinking Lecture. A5 sketchbook. © Sue Pownall 2011

Here are a couple of sketches from this week:

Prof. Bucsescu reading his notes.
The double page spread above was done at a lecture by architect and Pratt University professor Dan Bucsescu. The lecture was Critical Thinking in Design at VCU, Qatar. Whilst an interesting subject Prof. Bucsescu cannot give lectures and sat reading his laptop whilst the slides showed his "script". The only time I need to look at the stage was when he gave examples of theories such as Munch's Scream. Great opportunity to draw the people around me, and I also got some nice food to eat.

Earlier in the week I had gone to the Doha Players', a local theatre group, welcome meeting and sketched this on my notes's. A friend said "you can't help yourself [draw] can you?" ummmm no. At the meeting, I had gone to volunteer to help with set painting, but I think I have ended up helping with set designing, as I get to translate ideas into workable designs and help build them.