Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Technology Outdoors: Week 1 Creating Trails

This week I started a DLaB Erasmus course called Technology Outdoors. It is aimed primarily at school teachers, but as my role as an adult art tutor is expanding, I thought I may pick up some useful ideas.  The project aims are grander than mine.
The Digital Learning Across Boundaries (DLAB) project addresses the need to align European educational practice with ways in which digital technology is changing how and what we learn, and how we apply this in education.
The purpose of this project is to promote digital learning across the boundaries of physical spaces, across curriculum subjects and across languages and cultures, to facilitate collaborative learning across national boundaries.
There are five parts to week 1 of which Hacking Nature really grabbed my attention and saw me dashing outside with my phone to experiement with some of the suggestions. Luckily for me there was a stunning sunset, which looked like this:
©Sue Pownall
but then I took this:
Bent sky ©Sue Pownall
and this:

Mountains in a flat field ©Sue Pownall
I have recently been working on devising a community project and could see these panaramas working as a stepping stone to cross generational work or, as the unit suggested, a large panarama could be made from all the collected ones. Something to think about.

Now on to the rest of the week's units.