Friday, May 19, 2017

Technology Outdoors. Week 3 : Wild Writing.

I was a little unsure how this week would work with my teaching and my adult students as well as my own art practice. Having completed it, I was inspired by the 3rd unit. This unit started off with looking at British artist Richard Long's work Two straight twelve mile walks on Dartmoor England. Then, the unit's activity is to encourage learners to observe and notice detail outdoors and record it by speaking or writing. It was encouraged to set a rule or parameter to guide their walking and observation.

In order to teach something like this, you need to try it, as I have with the previous weeks. Whilst I do like to write, I was inspired by one of the organisers to take photos on my walk. My rule was to note, using my phone's camera, where my dog stopped on our short mid-morning walk. Here's the result :

I like this response to it "... the poem made me feel like I can read your dogs thoughts".


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