Monday, May 29, 2017

Technology Outdoors: Week 4 Science Outdoors.

Redshift Swan ©Sue Pownall 2017
As an art teacher to adult students, I was dubious about what this last week could bring in terms of personal inspiration and for my classes.
Unit 2 reintroduced me to the Doppler Effect, which I had forgotten, and continued with RedShift, which I don't recall having ever learnt. However, as I studied physics back in the dark ages, including Einstein's theory of relativity, I assume I must have.

Finishing the unit, I bounced around the internet reading more on this. I liked the simplicity of the illustration below, and found a good site for info, but was a bit complex.

Apart from spending a long time surfing, I continued my exploration of the weekly ideas through my dog walks and took a Doppler effect photo.
Dogwalk Double Doppler Effect
This would not be an image to share with young learners, but from an artistic viewpoint the resulting patterns of colour and light as the cygnets swim towards the swan and she swims towards them could be the beginning of some printmaking patterns. In fact, I have been playing with monoprints based on Redshift and Doppler Effect, here are some of them.
Variations on a theme. ©Sue Pownall 2017
I am sad that this is the last week of the DLabErasmus course, but have an idea to develop the dogwalk images I have created for it.


If you are looking for my art, you will find it here: