Thursday, November 19, 2009

Art Spa - Freedom to make a mess

To do something special for my leaving Muscat, Jenni Eden, a fabulous artist check out her website here, ran an art spa for me and a couple of friends. It was very liberating, although by the end I still wasn't keen on getting squirted with paint.

We started off working as a group practising with the acrylic paints, inks, and other media on long sheet of paper (see pics right, incl. detail). It was fun squirting the paints and seeing what happened, how they mixed, or not, and what colour combinations worked, or didn't. We ended up with paint on the paper, as expected, the wall, clothes, hands, feet, and everything in-between, and, in Jenni's case, on the face.
Then, it was time to paint on canvas. Considering we all had the same size canvases, access to the same paints, glitter etc, we ended up with totally different pictures. Mine is above and our afternoon results are below.

If you live in Oman, whether you are an artist or not, why not contact Jenni and arrange an art spa for yourself? She has a contact form on her site: