Monday, November 9, 2009

USk weekly theme - Poles

Possum set the theme this week for Urban Sketchers of poles. 
"Telephone poles, utility poles, poles, posts and all things pointy pointed to the sky. That's right, this week is your opportunity to draw those ever-urban vertical creations that keep wires plugged into homes and apartments and businesses humming with electricity."

It's very strange but it's not until you get in the back streets that you see power lines here in Muscat, or at least I had never noticed them until the challenge.

This was so NOT something I would normally try to draw and here are the notes I made while drawing- So far out of my comfort zone!!! Hate drawing cars! Don't draw street scenes. Like people and details. 08/11/09 Why did I choose a scene with a mosque and palm trees?

Despite all these complaints I am actually quite pleased with the results and I am glad I pushed myself to take up this challenge. On top of that, I finished my larger sketchbook!!!!