Sunday, November 29, 2009

A disappearing old place.

Urban Sketchers on Flickr set this week's sketch theme as Disappearing Old Places. So this morning I went out and drew Al Fetah Fort, which is near Muscat Private Hospital, but behind the Bousher sand dunes.

Al Fetah Fort, Muscat by you.

I have been meaning to draw this fort for a long time, especially as I used to live around the corner from it, and was inspired to do so by the theme. It is built of adobe brinks & sand, on sand. I guess that's why it is disappearing. I sat in my car on this warm, sticky day (around 28c with 70% humidity) giving myself the odd blast of AC, which I don't like to do as I try to be as environmental friendly as possible. The village is to the left of the fort, as can just be seen in the photo below, whereas in-front of, and to the right is waste ground and a date plantation. As normal in Muscat, it stands against a background of mountains.

Please excuse the quality of the pic, my scanner has been shipped prior to my move. The photo below was taken to the right of where I sat, and before I had finished as I needed to stretch my legs after nearly an hour sitting still.