Friday, July 9, 2010

Escorted by the police - the photos

The story of my adventure this morning, which ended with me being driven to the hotel between two policemen,  and the embarrassment of walking into the hotel reception side-by-side with them is on my other blog here. Below are some photos of Khartoum taken this morning before this all happened.
A shop
A street cleaner
Nasty plastic bags, which are every where
Ingenious sunshade attached to a kiosk (Closed because it's Friday morning)
A college courtyard
The adjacent church
 A mosque
Why would anyone paint a building florescent green and orange?
Lime green in its proper place
Chai ladies under a tree
Faculty of medicine
A portrait in orange
Finally, the reason for my escort.


Please remember all photos are © and all rights reserved by Sue Pownall.
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