Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I hate my moleskin!

I haven't sketched anything for a few days as I have been completely exhausted. On top of that all mental energy has been taken up with trying to secure the immediate future.

Last night I walked to the park whilst watching storm clouds overhead and hearing distant thunder rumbling above the city. The air is permanently full of dust and with sunset it just went yellower. Being early to meet my friend, I pulled out my moleskin and watercolours, started to try and capture the amazing clouds and cried out "why won't a moleskin take watercolours????" With fading light I did the best I could to capture the storm in colour and to ink in the kiosk in the park and the surroundings.

It is such a shame moleskins do not take washes as the size is perfect to pop in a bag or even pocket. Mind, before it I had a similar sized small sketchbook, half the price, and it took washes. Back to that brand for me I think, if I can find it.

BTW it didn't rain where I was, but apparently did in other parts of the city. However, the storm brought a delicious breeze and a drop in temperature. It was hort-lived relief as today has been boiling again!!! Or as Al Jazeera International's forecast - Extremely Hot.

Tue Afternoon clouds. Extremely hot.  41°C

Wed More sun than clouds. Extremely hot.  43°C