Monday, July 19, 2010

Final sketches from Sudan - for now

For the first time in my life, when I reached the airport on Friday the feeling that I didn't want to leave did not go. In fact, I felt devastated to be leaving Sudan. A country has never affected me like it has. I do not know when I will return as I chose the sensible option for my next contract - Doha, Qatar - rather than to follow my heart and struggle financially with a job in Khartoum.

On my penultimate evening, I did the sketches above, which I think reflect the randomness and flightiness of my thoughts as I skipped from subject to subject. Bottom right is a candy floss/ice cream seller at a totally different scale from the people. The people are washing at a tap in the park ready for Mahgrib prayers, the ones at sunset, so the light was bad. In the picture below, done a week earlier, the people are doing the same thing.
From the same park, throughout you can see couples sitting, without touching, and talking, as in my sketch.
Finally, a quick sketch done from a parked bus, whilst a friend shopped at the market, of the women sellers sitting on the floor.
 BTW - I've been reunited with my scanner, at least for the summer ;D