Monday, July 19, 2010

Life drawing class - Vicki

It is so good to have a weekly drop-in life drawing session near my parents and I went along this morning, still suffering from travel tiredness. I think all the drawing I have done over the last 4 months - especially EDiM - has paid off, as I was very pleased with my results. However, I didn't complete the full 3 hour session as I got too tired to concentrate.
Having got my scanner back, which takes A4 comfortably, I drew on A3, so these are the images I could squeeze on it. Plus I covered 8 sheets, so it's too boring to post them all.
Drawings from top to bottom: Long pose in pencil: 15 minutes of long pose in coloured pen: 15 minute seated pose; & 5 minute warm up sketch.
I'm not sure who's blog it is, sorry, but recently an EDMer wrote about her life drawing, pointing out that she had realised that it''s not necessary to draw the whole model. Today I remembered that and concentrated on the shapes I liked, hence the legs at the top, and had fun with the 15 minutes before break and used orange as my main pen colour.