Saturday, September 4, 2010

1st Blogoversary - reflections on a year

Image from:
Infinite, Illustration Friday, Sept '09
I started this blog a year ago today. Some things have changed since then and some have stayed the same. I no longer post "proper" photos here, other than to illustrate an event, they are now only on the pownallchronicles or uploaded to flickr. The notable exception is my Khartoum photos in my post Escorted by the police. However, there remains a mix of  finished pieces, such as those produced for Illustration Friday and the challenge Every Day in May (EDiM), and sketchbook work.

When I started this blog a year ago I wrote:
"Some people join a gym in order to get fitter, so I've joined a couple of websites to both draw more, and hopefully improve my drawing. Unlike joining a gym, I intend to stick to my minimum twice monthly resolution to draw. Famous last words they may be, but time will tell."
1st EDM 5th Feb 2010
Twice a month???? What was I thinking? This is my 165th post containing far more than that number of pictures.!

The reason for the blog was to motivate myself to draw more having neglected my art for years, except for the odd sketch or two on holiday, the number of posts shows it has done that, but it has done far more. Most importantly, through this blog I have become part of wonderful supportive art communities like Everyday Matters with their yahoo group and flickr, the amazing Urban Sketchers ( blog & flickr), and the sketchcrawlers (site). I have found the wonderful people in these group, and others who follow my blog, have provided support, inspiration, and ideas through their comments, blogs, and discussions. THANK YOU ALL.  
My 2nd sketchcrawl, Nov '09
Oman, Nov 2009

Furthermore, I have had a couple of opportunities to meet up with fellow artist-bloggers, plus had a reunion with some friends I went to college with. What a fabulous unexpected consequence of blogging. 
Me, Australia May 1990!
Finally, due to the wonderful comments I have received throughout the year, I am seriously relooking at my art, re-evaluating what I want to do, and how I want to do it.