Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Life drawing class - Doreen

Tonal study during long pose.
The life drawing class on Monday was a challenge as the model, in real life, has short stocky legs and so to get the drawing to "look" right, would have meant not drawing accurately. On top of that, I didn't have a very successful morning as I was too tense due to starting to stress about the future - on Friday I fly to a new country to start a new job, my 3rd country and 3rd contract this year. (more info here).

5 minute warm-up poses.


  1. The sketches came out well even if your mind was elsewhere!
    I understand in a way how you feel, I would like to be rich enough to have a house in the uk and live here. However it does get cold in the South of Italy as well!

  2. I think these are brilliant! I love the effect on toned paper. I had the same problem when sketching a short legged friend once too!
    Having just read your other blog I can imagine your apprehension about starting a new job in a new country. But, so many of us are envious that you get to see the world in its reality and not just from hotel resorts! Embrace it while you can - It's not forever unless you want it to be. And just think - there will be new ugly hotel lamps to draw! Lol! Your base is in England so you will always be able to move back if that's what you want, and you have your Italian venture too. Life is very exciting when you don't quite know where it's taking you - but obviously unsettling too. Right now, the world really is your oyster!
    Good luck with it all! Speak soon :0)

  3. Cool! I've never done a life drawing class before....came close recently but then it was cancelled.

    Good luck with your new job...I'm sure all your stress will be for naught. Everything will be okay!

  4. Nice drawings! I especially like the one in chahlk whith highlights. Beautiful!

  5. Great life drawings Sue. Good luck with the new job, look forward to hearing all about it when you're connected.Hope there's lots of new things to draw!

  6. Le figure umane sono sempre difficili da disegnare. Mi pare che tu ti stia specializzando bene. Brava!
    Grazie per i tuoi commenti. Ciao.

  7. Hi Sue, You got the feel for the musculature in your long pose study and I think your warm up poses are wonderful. Funny how mood effects the drawing!

  8. Wow... what an angle you got!!

    I always found foreshortening so difficult to deal with with doing life drawing... You did really well!


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