Sunday, September 5, 2010

I hate my moleskin 2...

... but it is now full and I will never have to use it again!!!!
Camden Lock from Caffeé Crema.
Yesterday, when I went to London for Dr Sketchy, I completed the hated moleskin. I am very pleased as I started it in Khartoum 25th March 2010 and finished it less than 6 months later, 4th September. The previous A6 sketchbook was started in Madrid 19th Sept 2007, but I didn't complete it until 16th March this year in UK, and even then there are a few blank pages left. (Only the moly was taken to Khartoum as my weight allowance was so small I couldn't take it too).
At Dr Sketchy's: a participant(l) and (r) Khandie at bar.
The first pages were completed at Camden Lock prior to going to Islington. The next two at Dr Sketchy's. Then the last pages were completed whilst waiting for some dinner at a café afterwards.
In a café for dinner afterwards.