Friday, September 10, 2010

1st sketch in new A6 non-moleskin

Holy Trinity church, Colchester
To replace the hated moly, I bought a W&N A6 sketchbook, same as the new A5. In the lunch break, during Ken Kempley's workshop, I went in the artcafé, a local venture with amazing food, decor and service, and drew the view out of the window whilst I munched my sandwich and ate the delicious brocoli with cheddar soup.

Despite being tired, I was so inspired by Ken's workshop that I added the colour whilst getting ready to go to bed.
Holy Trinity church tower was built around the turn of the last millennium, around the year 1000 AD. Its arrow head doorway and window apertures are typical of the Saxon period. The remainder of the church is of different periods up to Victorian and, until recently, was the town's social history museum. Holy Trinity church tower would once have stood as the focal feature in the town, for a few decades before the Normans came and built the castle. A stark contrast between Saxon and Norman architecture - unique in this country! Source: Virtual Tour Colchester.