Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dog sitting studies #6

My dog-sitting duties ceased on Monday, so here are the final sketches and some photos. Nelson often lies on his back, legs akimbo, for hours on end, like this...
Nelson asleep in the lounge.
That is until someone gets a camera or a sketchbook out and then he moves after 2 seconds. I wanted to capture that pose, but as you can see he didn't stay still - it's the top one. I actually did better in #3 here.
 He is a strange dog as he doesn't like to swim, but will paddle in any water. I published some pics of him earlier in a pond. Here he is in the same pond later in the week.
Another walk, in a different part of the same pond.
In a pond up the woods.
Two-tone Nelson.
Finally, I was taking some reference photos for a possible drawing and Nelson decided he wanted to be included:


  1. Nelson is a total doll! I love the black over his right eye and under his right ear- it makes him so unique.
    I can just see him laying there forever and then moving as soon as you get the sketchbook. Somehow they always know.
    You've got a great eye for detail.

  2. He is sooo cute! Our dog won't stay still for a second!! Great sketches!

  3. If you ever do the possible drawing in the future...make sure Nelson is in it!

  4. Hi Sue, I had the same problem with cats; they move as soon as you start drawing. I LIKE the drawings; I think you captured the gestures! The photos are too fun.

  5. Your dog movement sketches are delightful! You are indeed capturing the essence of movement here.


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