Monday, June 28, 2010

Moved on by the police!!!!

On Saturday, finding a tree that gave shade to rest under and a beautiful trunk to draw seemed the perfect solution to my blue mood, which I was walking off. I leant against a wall and started to draw.Working from the pavement up and across I got the main lines in. I then outlined the road and gate opposite with the framing leaves. Relaxing nicely, I started to detail the trunk, trying to emphasis the twists and turns, when along came a police guard. I showed him what I was doing, uninterested he asked for my passport, which was not on me. So I gave him my driver's license, which he pretended to read as I'm sure he couldn't read English. Then, he told me I could not stay there, even drawing a tree. He had a fair point as the wall I was leaning against both is for the Republican museum and the Presidential Palace. Shame though as I think it would have been a good sketch when finished.