Sunday, June 20, 2010

World cup fever

Over in the UrbanSketchers' flickr group discussion, Marcelo Bresciani - who's fab blog is here- challenged "in honor of this global event, why not capture our experiences with a sketch?" Following a trend, I sketch myself watching the Australia v Ghana match yesterday afternoon on a large A3 pad. The pad is quite heavy, which is why my thumb is straight, I've no ideas why my toes look tense.

Then in the evening, I sketched Cameroon v Denmark. We were watching in a friend's friend's uncle (or something like that)  indoor shisha (hubbly-bubbly) cafe, which had 2 screens showing the football. People sat around smoking shisha, drinking coffee and watched the football. Unlike during Wednesday's South Africa match. which was quietly watched, last night there was lots of excitement, especially after Cameroon started so well. I first took my sketchbook and the new coloured pens on Wednesday, but felt too embarrassed to draw as I was the only female in there, apart from waitresses. However, on this second visit I thought I'd be brave, but only for a few minutes.