Saturday, January 22, 2011

30th Worldwide SketchCrawl

Demolition. Pen & watercolour sketch A5. ©Sue Pownall 2011
Despite advertising on various forums, there were no sketch buddies for me this sketchcrawl Saturday. On top of that, I am waiting for an important skype call, so didn't like to go far from my computer. Motivation was there yesterday when I met two architects for coffee and sketching, but they didn't bring sketchbooks, so we just chatted, which was very disappointing. Consequently, this morning I wasn't very motivated.

I keep thinking I should sketch around my area, but haven't as it's not inspiring me, so at 9.30 this morning I headed out to rectify this and find something to sketch. I took some photos of the reflections in the puddles and found a shop to sketch, but couldn't find a place to stand. Then I discovered the shoe repair stand, which I had thought might be interesting, was closed. Not a good start. However, just around the corner I saw a Cat demolishing a building from on top of a pile of debris and decided to do that. The noise was incredible and as the dust got too much I took the photo (left), which you can only just see the Cat if you squint into the dust, and headed off. Walking around the construction noise everywhere was incredible, so I gave up and went home to add the colour there.
Balloons at the mall. Pen & watercolour sketch. A5 ©Sue Pownall 2011
Later, taking my sketchbook, I went shopping (so my cupboards are finally full again). Having filled my trolley, I sat down at a café to sketch the colourful helium balloons floating up between the escalators from a stall on the floor below. This time I painted on-site as it was relatively peaceful. I was tempted to buy myself a blue penguin balloon, but resisted.

After being home a few hours, I am still waiting for the phone call, so I don't know if I will sketch anything else today. If you want to see the amazing work of sketchers around the world check out the SketchCrawl and Urban sketchers sites.

EDIT: Illustration Friday prompt for Friday 21st was Dust, which I could not think of anything for. Susan Sorrell Hill pointed out that my Cat sketch was perfect for the theme and asked "Maybe you did that unconsciously???". Perhaps I did.