Sunday, January 2, 2011

Art based resolutions reviewed and revised for 2011

Blue doors, Souq Waqif. Pen & Watercolour A5 ©Sue Pownall 2010
I had a few loose art-based resolutions for 2010 and looking at people's review of goals and non-goals I found it hard to decide whether to write more specific goals or to go for new loose ones. I do need some sort of direction, however all I knew was that my art is to be my priority in the new year. Maybe that's enough?!
Fiat Plant Sketch.Pen & ink A5 ©Sue Pownall 2010
So my 2010's art-based resolutions were:
1. To manage my time better and not spend creative time on the internet.
Khalifa's House Gate, Omdurman.Pen & ink 400x200mm  ©Sue Pownall 2010.
hmm failed on the cutting internet time, in fact it probably increased as the art community I follow increased. Furthermore, it has actually proved to provide inspiration from websites like the Urban Sketchers on flickr with their weekly sketching theme, Virtual Paintout with a monthly place to paint, Illustration Friday another weekly theme, EDM with it's fabulous community and weekly challenges, all found online. Maybe not such a bad thing IF the themes and challenges are taken up? 

15th Street Mosque, Khartoum.Pen & ink  400x200mm ©Sue Pownall 2010.
2. To do what I love, concentrating on my pen & ink work.
I was very successful in doing this, especially as I even had 3 drawings hung in an exhibition.
Monarch Butterfly.Pen & ink  100x100mm ©Sue Pownall 2010
3. To do lots more quick, immediate sketching.
I sketched so much that I have been listed in the Directory as a sketchbook artist.

Sketch: My foot, May.Pen & ink A5 ©Sue Pownall 2010.
Over and above these very loose goals I achieved so much more. I have developed a community of artist friends, both online and face-to-face, which has helped keep me motivated and provided inspiration. Furthermore, I have had the pleasure of meeting up and sketching with several fabulous artists and this is something I wish to do more of in the future. 
To improve my drawing skills, I continued attending life-drawing classes whenever I had the opportunity, and had great fun at the Dr Sketchy's event in London, even though my results weren't so great. I also attended the Ken Kempley watercolour workshop, which was great fun and I hope to repeat it in the summer.  

My passion for my art has been reignited since I started this blog in Sept 09, but mainly throughout 2010, so much so that I do not leave the house without a sketchbook and pen, although it is used only a few times a week. I also always carry a camera to snap shots of potential subjects.

Marsh dawn. Watercolour A4 ©Sue Pownall 2010
As I said at the beginning of this post my priority this year is my art. Yesterday, coming across Chris Brogan and his My 3 words for 2011, this is basically 3 words on which you pin your goals, I found it easy to think of my three words: focus, creativity, happiness. So with possibility of changes I think this year's art resolutions are:
1. To focus my life, my thoughts, my dreams on my art and market myself as much as I can. (You may have noticed the change from blogging and commenting using travelingsuep to my full name, which is the first step I have made.) I will be setting up a facebook page this week to get my finished work out there, but I will  continue to blog and post my sketches here as normal. 
I am thinking about printing postcards and/or gift cards - several people have commented on the blue doors at the top of this post. I have already started carrying photos of my work to hand out or show when opportunities arise. 
Finally, I may develop and deliver some workshops as pen & ink is a skill that is not often addressed on courses.
2. As last year, my creative outlet will remain pen & ink as well as regular sketching. I plan for a minimum of 1 finished piece a month (SMART goal as any more would be unrealistic) ready to try to get hung in a gallery or exhibition and to update the facebook page.
3. Happiness will come from following my dreams and continuing to interact with wonderful artistic people. 

Thank you to all of you who follow my work, take the time to comment, and who have encouraged and inspired me throughout 2010.