Sunday, January 30, 2011

IF Surrender

Surrender. Watercolour 240 x 320 mm. ©Sue Pownall 2011

Sometimes we have to surrender ourselves to the reality of life, that responsibilities occasionally stop us doing exactly what we would like to, when we want to. This IF prompt came on Friday whilst I was in the turmoil of trying to decide if I could take a job, which is nearer to where I want to be, mentally & spiritually, but had to resign myself to the fact that the next move/change would have to wait awhile yet.

Usually as a realist, I struggle with a theme like this, with my head filling with obvious images such as soldiers with their hands up surrendering to the other side etc., but this image was there instantly including how to illustrate it. Whilst I am surrendering to the inevitability of life's constraints which are out of my control, which feels like sinking beneath the sea, I can release my creative side to produce this loose, inaccurate colour painting as I break loose of my normal precise line drawings. Freedom.