Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Feet, faces & facebook

I'm doing well on the resolutions so far; definitely focused and creative. The facebook business page has been set up ta dah. There is a large black box to the right of this blog where you can link to it or click this

Sketching examinees. Pencil A6 ©Sue Pownall 2011
I've been chatting with Shelley of A Year at the Beach over dedicating a minimum of 15 minutes a day to art. Shelley, quite rightly, said that 15 minutes isn't much. It was something I read (big apology as I forget who wrote it - if it was you please leave a comment and I'll link you) I think the idea behind 15 minutes a day is that it is the minimum you dedicate to your art, whether to blogging your art, doing a sketch, working on a painting...etc. If you are "into" your painting or drawing then you can/will naturally continue, if not you have at least done something. Of course, to get anything finished at some point you will have to draw or paint for longer than 15 minutes. Generally getting started is the difficult part, so I suppose it tricks you into doing more work than procrastinating on the sofa thinking you haven't time to do anything.
Quick sketch of Theeb. Pencil A6 ©Sue Pownall 2011
Anyway, the reason for this waffle is that each of these faces and my feet took 15 mins to do. The guys were students doing a practice exam and I filled in time sketching them. I love the way they all had their gutrah (scarf) arranged differently.
Polka dot PJs & socks. Pen & ink A5 ©Sue Pownall 2011