Sunday, October 31, 2010

DTFF & Dhow trip

Sketched Thursday night at DTFF.
On Friday, in the middle of this crazy week where there is both the WTA tennis championship on and the Doha Tribeca Film Festival (DTFF), I had the opportunity to go out on a dhow (I added a photo for you Sandra below) with a great group of people.
A cute little dhow at Banana Island. Our boat was larger.
Some of my fellow cruisers.
I took the A5 sketchbook along too. Shortly after setting sail, once people had started to settle down, I sketched some of them. Marian asked do people see their sketches - well I openly sketched, I got a few complimentary comments from those around me, but those being sketched didn't bother to look. I think they were too relaxed.
A dhow moored near us, but moved before I finished.
Quick watercolour of Banana Island. (with mystery red corner)
Yesterday at DTFF I was privileged to have a ticket for the Middle East première of The First Grader. This film is the most moving, beautiful film I have ever seen. The cinematography, acting, and script are all superb. It was voted The Audience Award for Best Film, and it was thoroughly deserved. I gave it 5/5. At the Q&A afterwards the audience, after giving a standing ovation, were too stunned to ask anything. Justin Chadwick is one of the nicest, genuine, down-to-Earth men I've been lucky enough to meet. I met him outside the cinema afterwards and gushed how amazing I thought the film as tears still ran down my face; it is such an emotive film.
First Grader stars Naomie Harris and Oliver Musila Litondo with director Justin Chadwick.
The red carpet & entrance to cinema at DTFF.