Friday, October 1, 2010

TWO sketchbook malfunctions!!!

Late August I purchased 2 Winsor & Newton Heavy weight Case bound sketchbooks. The A6 one has been in my handbag since I completed my moleskin on the 5th September. I have completed just 5 pages (I have been very lazy) then last Tuesday it broke and that's in just 3 weeks!  Today, whilst sketching in a café I noticed a couple of pages coming out of the A5 that I was using. However, it is not losing pages along the perforation, but the glue has failed. This comes just four days after the A6 one. I have used just 15 pages of the A5 one on 4 separate occasions starting on the 2nd September.

Luckily, I have an A5 Daler sketchbook, like my previous A5, which Paula gave me (thank you) and will switch to that for sketching out and about. With the A6 I wrote to W&N and am waiting a reply and will have to buy some super glue until I find an art supplies and can replace it. I don't think I will buy another Winsor & Newton one though.