Friday, October 1, 2010


Brown pen in WHITE A5 sketchbook .
I have only drawn once since I arrived in Doha. This is due to tiredness. I get up for work at 5.15am to be collected at 6 and return around 3pm. After a late lunch and maybe a nap, by 5.30pm it is then dark but still too hot to wander about drawing. Last weekend was spent trying to catch up on sleep, sort accommodation etc.

My contract provides fully-furnished accommodation here in Doha, but it does not have a clothes drier. A little improvisation with a mop and 2 chairs enabled me to dry my shirts and towels. I thought the shapes it made were interesting, as opposed to the rest of the flat, which could be anywhere in the world.

Today, Friday, is the first day of the weekend and after an early night I am shortly to head out with my sketch book although I may head inside quickly as the temperature is already in the 30s and it's not even 8am.