Friday, October 1, 2010

First Doha sketches

Corner café at Souq Waqif
Fairly early on a hazy, dusty Friday morning, I caught a taxi down to Doha's Corniche and was dropped near the fishing wharf. I pass it daily on the way to work and it has a magnificent collection of dhows moored along it. I had my DSLR camera, sketchbook, paints etc., but started off sketching the men fishing in pen. I soon discovered that not only was it hazy, spoiling photos, but the humidity was very high, and although it wasn't even 9am I was perspiring so much the paper was getting damp from my hands. ugh 
High rise office district of Doha across the bay.

An amazing outfit for fishing.
After about 5 minutes of drawing the fishermen I walked to the end of the wharf where a slight breeze was coming across the bay. I sat on some rocks squinting into the haze to draw the skyline, again I only drew for about 10 minutes as the humidity was too much for me. I plan to return in a few weeks time once the temperature has dropped. [The Weather Channel stated humidity ranging between 58-80% today with temperatures around 32c]

I walked around the wharf and then crossed the road to souq Waqif searching for an open coffee shop and the chance to get into air conditioning. Although most of the souq (market) was closed as it was Friday, I did find  the Corner Café open. Inside over a cup of tea and a large bottle of water I rehydrated, cooled down, and sketched the counter. The souq has lots of interesting things to draw -  on another outing.
Souq Waqif, Friday morning quiet.