Sunday, October 24, 2010


Following our SketchCrawl success last week, Mahmoud & I went sketching again yesterday afternoon in a local mall. I'd spotted a hockey match near the food hall, which I thought could be interesting. I ended up drawing some spectators as I thought the hockey players would end up strange looking due to their padding. Squint at the bad copy below and you can see a couple of skaters. I then drew a Filipino lady eating her Kentucky.
Next we went into the small indoor theme park Gondolania, hence the post title.I liked the touches of red in different places, although I sketched only in pan and then had to add the red at home.
Scenes in Gondolania.
Finally, we headed for the peace and quiet of Starbucks, where I sketched the queue, it's very popular, and the back of someone's ghutrah; the large piece of cloth worn on a Qatari man's head.
Rear view of ghutrah
All sketches were drawn in pen, in a Daler A5 sketchbook as the Winsor & Newton has disintegrated and is no longer portable. btw no-one from W&N has got back to me after the initial "we are looking into your complaint" email.