Thursday, February 23, 2012

Festival faces

His brother's musar,  230 x 330mm, Pen & ink. ©Sue Pownall 2012

Inspired by Muscat Festival I have started a series of drawings I am calling Festival Faces.
The first one is of a man from Jalaan, called His brother's musar.

I started posting the WIP stages on my Facebook page after tweeting "Over-confidence meets reality?! New drawing stuck on wall while I get past the omg #canIreallydrawthis panic" on February 10th. The next day I posted the first stage to show I'd moved on and explained the panic had been because the man has partial cataracts and wasn't working in the drawing. As you can see I drew fairly normal old eyes, but as I am an artist, and this is my interpretation of the subject that's my choice.
Sorry about the picture quality, it was snapped on my phone at night, not a good combination. 
WIP #1 10th February
I have been inspired by this picture and so have put in lots of hours in order to complete it so fast. As the drawing is on A3 and my new scanner is only A4 these WIP are all photos taken with my phone.
WIP #2
WIP #3 13th February
WIP Thursday am 16th Feb
WIP Thursday later 16th Feb
WIP 17th Feb
Later 17th
Photo reference supplied and used with the permission of Ahmed Al-Shukaili.