Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sketching Muscat Festival XI


Muscat Festival was extended a week, now closing this weekend, but there were not any more performances in the Heritage Village by the various villages. I am sad as I miss seeing my new photographer friends and all the lovely people working at the festival.

Tuesday night (21st) was the area of Wadi Bani Khalid and it was sooo colourful and I think everyone from there was in the Heritage Village as there were so many performers. After a couple of walk rounds, mouth open at the colours, but lacking suitable places to lean or sit, I stopped at a wall to sketch some ladies in beautiful outfits preparing a table of food. Unfortunately, I was distracted, see below, and the women moved to much so I abandonded the sketch.
1st drawing of the day
The distraction: whilst drawing I looked up and found myself surrounded by these lovely cute girls. I grabbed a passer-by to take the photo of us.
Sketching with girls from Wadi Bani Khalid.

I then drew a woman sitting very still, the perfect subject, BUT people came and sat blocking her from view, prior to her wandering off. I took photos as she needs to have colour added... she was wearing bright reds and greens as my top sketch, with gold around her ankles, purple strips, black... maybe I will complete it and post here.
This cries out for colour

Two more Where's Wally shots (Don't know what I'm talking about? then check out Festival X post) from my new friend and great photographer Ahmed Al-Harthy. You can see one of the ladies with an orange cloth on her head on the left. Yes, the man next to me is drawing. He drew a deer from his imagination.
20th February By Ahmed Al-Harthy
This one is by Waleed Mohammed taken on Tuesday. I have a very serious expression in this one, but it could be because I haven't got my glasses on.
Photo by Waleed Mohammed
The next day was my last sketching the festival, and I was more motivated to take photos than sketch. I did this watercolour early on, but they wandered off. 
Then, stood in the dark in the Qurum Park site I sketched these dancers without actually being able to see either pen nor paper. 
Totals for my Muscat Festival 2012
48      A5 sketchbook pages with drawings on (not often completed)
1        A4 sketchbook page with a pen & watercolour sketch
708   photographs, after deletingthe really bad ones.

Whilst on numbers this is my 300th post. I wonder what the next 100 will bring?

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