Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sketching Muscat Festival VII

Young girls, watercolour in A5

I went to the Festival on Friday and as the previous week it was really really busy. I managed a few pen sketches, but it was difficult. The ladies permanently had people stopping to look at their work and buy key rings and other small items. I was more successful when I sat on the male side of the village, where I sketched some of the men sitting around me. However, I have to confess I chose to move as more and more men sat around me in order to secure their places for the televised event.

Today, I returned and did a warm up sketch of a man on his camel, which of course walked off. I then started drawing 3 boys reading their Korans, but a huge photographer sat down in front of them and didn't move... so I did and abandonded the page. A little while later I returned to a similar spot and started the watercolour sketch, but again had to abandon due to my view being blocked both by photographers and visitors. I took a photo, so may do another version of it when I get some acrylics. Lets see if I have better luck on Tuesday.

With about 10 days left of the Festival, I need to find a new sketchbook, as I've used 28 pages so far and only have a few pages left. I like my Daler Ebony, but I don't hold out much hope of finding one here.