Saturday, May 22, 2010

EDiM - #20 version 2, #21 x4, and an urban sketch

#20 Version 2. My friend Naji is Nubian, perhaps the Nubian Pharaoh Taharka was an ancestor - his dad's, dad's, dad's and so on back to 664BC. He certainly has the same strong, handsome features, so who knows. I drew and painted this on site of the Nation museum this afternoon.
Photo of statue of King Taharka and my sketch.
#21 draws something old, antique or vintage - here are four antiques also sketched today at the National museum. All colour was added on site, although it was very difficult as the watercolour was drying on the brush. I believe it's around 44c, but there was a nice breeze, possibly from the Nile.
My 1st sketch of the day, of the Egyptian pharaoh Atlanersa 653-643 BC. I was a bit tight, but I think I got the scale right by including the sitting guard.
Next, a Roman bronze lamp, from when the Romans were in Sudan.
After drawing King Taharka, I went outside and did this very quick painting of the statue. It was so hot I could hear the voices of my Sudanese friends in my head telling me not to be so stupid. In my defense I was sat in the shade of a tree, as the photo shows.
 Finally, I drew some hieroglyphs from a doorway of Kuma Temple. This was done with one of the new coloured pens, which I discovered are not waterproof. 
Finally, a quick sketch whilst sat in an outside cafe where there were plastic bags of bread hung from a tree. At one point I had 5 boys looking over my shoulder, but I was rescued by one of the other customers shooing them away. Shortly afterwards, Naji arrived to give me a lift home and the sketch got abandoned.