Saturday, May 15, 2010

WorldWide SketchCrawl #27

Spread of the first 2 sketches.
Another SketchCrawl day and another one alone. I didn't know whether to participate or not as I can't access the site here in Sudan, Check the SketchCrawl forum to find the work of other crawlers from today. Or the flickr group, which is where I will have to post. SketchCrawls are days of drawing around the city and were started in San Francisco by Enrico Casarosa in 2004.

I started the day doing a quick sketch whilst waiting for friends to pick me up. Across the road are two stalls for the ladies who sell peanuts etc., but unfortunately it was too early for them to be there. I spent the morning with 3 non-drawing friends and was not brave enough to get out my sketchbook, so my next drawing was of my lunch back in the hotel.

Next, I sat on the stairs and sketched the emergency exit; I hope there isn't an emergency as it will be difficult to get out. It is very, very hot today (around 43c), and I found I couldn't sit there for long. I'm not sure why the cleaners have left a partially filled bin-bag in their mop bucket, but it made a more interesting subject.
Finally, I just popped to the supermarket and sat on a shop step - ouch it was hot - and did this 5 minute sketch of two peanut/seed/henna sellers sitting beside the road. It was still too hot at 7pm to draw any longer. My Crawl has finished where it started with these street stands.