Monday, May 31, 2010

EDiM - The End. # 31

#31 -  Draw something you collect - elephants.
There is a family tradition of collecting elephants as my nan had a couple from her trips to South Africa. My mum has a few around and I have lots. I bought the first ones, an onyx mother and baby, in India as a small souvenir. They are no higher than 5cm and bought to go in my backpack without adding too much weight. The last one I bought was in South Africa and was my first African elephant. This one is the latest and was a gift from my trainees.

That's EDiM completed a bitter-sweet month with some good results, and very bad ones, but a very productive one however I view it. The only day I have missed is number 24, draw a vegetable, which I still haven't bought anything for. As I am a type-A personality, I will get it done this week. Right is my Every Day in May list complete with highlights for weekends, notes for the posts and watercolour from cleaning my brushes.

I would like to thank Liz for the suggestion we did the challenges and to everyone, especially fellow EDMs, for their support and comments.