Friday, May 7, 2010

EDiM - # 6 well-loved object

This was a difficult challenge as I am away from home and traveled with only 20ks of luggage plus hand luggage. Here, I no longer love my laptop as it is dying on me; won't connect to the internet, battery won't hold its charge etc. Even if I was at my parents, most of my things are in storage after being shipped from Oman or already stored in their attic.

I decided to draw this object as an ironic take on the theme as I guess it was loved enough by someone to be brought to decorate my hotel room, but I think it is horrible. To appreciate how dreadful this is imagine a lopsided bottle covered in rough plaster except for an odd shape in the middle where the clear-glass can be seen. The plaster has been painted blue and white with glitter randomly applied. Inside it is filled with water, a bit of chicken-wire and plastic leaves. Around the neck are random plastic leaves and balls, ribbon, string and a bottle top, although it's sealed. Bet you are jealous you haven't got one!

Being self-critical, whilst looking at the picture this morning before posting, I see my drawing has not been accurate. I have made the neck too short and even though it is lopsided, I have not accurately got the shape. There's another bottle to be drawn today for #7, I think I shall have to concentrate harder on the initial drawing and not to be in such a hurry.