Friday, May 28, 2010

EDiM disastrous catch up

This morning I had planned to do the three challenges to get myself up to date. Getting up I realised I had forgotten to go to the veggie stall on the way home last night, so I didn't have anything to draw for #26 . No big deal, I could go out later and get something, so on to today's challenge #28 - draw an appliance. bah  I should have drawn something else as I certainly wasn't loose enough to tackle a fan, especially as I struggle with curves.

After abandoning it and having a calming cup of tea it was on to #27 - draw a book. I chose my Sudan guide book and my Arabic phrase book, as the alternatives were paperback novels. The phrasebook I bought before I went to Oman, 5 years ago, and is still barely used, although I am finally learning Arabic here in Sudan. The drawing is not too bad, but it needs more work, and I really can't be bothered.

I think I should give myself the rest of today off from the challenges, have something nice for lunch, and maybe do some sketching.