Saturday, May 8, 2010

EDiM - #9 Organised chaos (2 versions) & Ozone people

I have swopped challenges 8 & 9 as there were good opportunities today. Looking out of the window I saw some construction guys removing tape from a building, eight and nine storeys high: a perfect example of organised chaos.
Then version 2 is of my rubbish bin as the cleaner doesn't come on Friday and had got filled with plastic bottles, T-bags and tissues. I don't normally drink Pepsi, but when I came home from my dance class on Thursday I was desperate for some sugar aka false energy.
Finally, whilst waiting for friends in Ozone last night I tried to draw some people, but it was a bit too dark to see what I was sketching.

I am very pleased as I have completed the day's challenge (twice) and it is only 10am, so I better getting on with my marking, which is what I have been putting off.