Tuesday, May 18, 2010

EDiM - not a musical instrument & #18

Challenge #18 is Draw the view from a window of your house, apartment, office, etc.. What a lovely change from all those objects. This view is actually what I see in the morning when I get up and look out of the window, so is my missing challenge 14 too. It's not the prettiest view with the huge electric pylon and the cemetery on the right, but some how I like the peace and quiet out there. First thing the road is rarely busy and in the distance I can catch a glimpse of the sun on the Nile.
For  Every Day In May on 17th May, as I have not had access to a musical instrument since the chance encounter in the park, I did a quick sketch from the cafeteria window at work. No Cathy I do not have a penny whistle in my suitcase.