Saturday, February 13, 2010


Muddy duck
 Signed original pen & ink drawing.
Unframed 21 x29 cm.
Postage free worldwide.

I am auctioning this drawing in order to raise funds for the charity 
Xmas Torch For information, see below or their website here.
100% of the money I raise through this sale will go to them. 
I am donating the drawing and the postage. 

I am not using a popular auction site, due to the ridiculous charges, so this is how the auction will be conducted...

Send your bids directly to me at 

Closing date: 28th February 2010.

Please bid in pounds sterling (£). The highest bid will be displayed in the blog sidebar, so you have an idea of how much to bid, or if you need to increase your bid
After the closing date, I will email the highest bidder with details of how to pay. When Xmas Torch receive the money, I will then mail you the drawing.

Let's see how much we can raise. 
Send your bids now, but keep watching the sidebar in case you need to increase your bid. 
Thank you.
Most less fortunate children all over the world have someone or group doing something to help them. What most of these homes or groups can provide is mostly food, shelter and those who can an education. It is often forgotten though that they are children after all, however brave or tough their situations have made them. 
Xmas Torch was conceived in 2007 specifically for these children and for this purpose. A day exclusively set for them to feel like children, a day of ultimate celebration especially during the festive seasons, Christmas in particular.
The main objective of Xmas Torch is to spend 1-2(depending on the money raised that year) unforgettable days with children who are affected or infected by incurable diseases, poverty, orphans, rape victims and others. Over these days, the children engage in various outdoor activities which are educational, motivational and above all fun! At the end of these 1-2 days stint, it is our hope that the children leave there feeling more confident and positive about life!