Friday, February 5, 2010

Awareness of the everyday: EDM challenge 1

I have just discovered a group called Everyday Matters (EDM) whose  main focus is to draw a particular object or type of object from your "everyday" life. It started in 2004, from Danny Gregory's weblog, and his book Everyday Matters. Like USk they set a weekly challenge, which is perfect for times like this when it's to cold to draw outside, as many of the current USk themes are, at least for me. Currently they are up to challenge 259, but I thought I would start at EDM 1 - Draw a shoe. Strictly speaking these are ankle boots, but close enough as it's winter.

By coincidence, today Miguel Rosendo USk (check out his drawings here) wrote that we need to be "sensitive to people and places which are in front of us and that sometimes we just don´t appreciate enough! To me, sketching is a way of doing this". I think drawing everyday objects is a good way to start.

If you want to challenge yourself, click the link for the complete EDM challenge list. or the USk theme list

PS I was sat next to the radiator, ignoring my computer to draw this :D