Thursday, February 4, 2010


After procrastinating by reading and viewing art blogs I finally sat down to sketch this succulent in the flat. I've found it's easy to be lazy and to sit at the computer as it's set up next to a radiator. If I draw, I have to move away from it. brrr. I normally find drawing relaxing and it can normally take me away from problems with the concentration & enjoyment of creating something. However, the situation at work made it too difficult for me to concentrate on the plant, and I gave up very quickly.
Frustrated with myself, I sat down to blog the "sketch" and looked at the view from the radiator out of the window. I picked up my sketchbook again...

but as the crane was moving a lot I feel I failed to capture the foreshortening well. The sketch seems very grey and flat. The only part I really like is the stripy curtains. Ho hum. Tomorrow's another day, another opportunity to draw.