Tuesday, February 9, 2010

RAI Nuovamusica

I find going to a concert alone a bit daunting, but it was great for sketching, especially as the light in the auditorium wasn't too bad.
First off, in the bar with my pre-concert glass of red wine, these brothers came in and leaned casually over some coffees. I find the fashion of wearing trousers very low-slung strange as it makes the wearer appear to have very short legs. Worse, my drawing looks out of proportion.
Next, in the auditorium I drew some of the instruments whilst waiting for the concert to start. I liked the double bass lying at the front of the stage, and was fascinated as he played.
The conductor was not still throughout any of the pieces, so I recorded my impression of him.
 The second piece was played by four percussionists each with a xylophone plus drums, cymbals, whistles and other things. I started drawing the guy on the right face on, then he never stood that way again, which is why it looks like there were 5 musicians, plus the manic conductor.
 Along with my fascination with the bass player, I attempted to draw the lead cello too.
I had a thoroughly enjoyable evening, and I am quite pleased with my sketches too. 
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