Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A better result... Laziness 0 - Drawing 2

On Sunday, after I had published the post  Laziness 2 - drawing  0 I received a challenge from Stephen Gardner, an Urban Sketcher correspondent, and who has the great blog  Sketch of the day. He said:
Oh boy do I know all about this. ...
I'll get past the laziness if you will, next time I check back I'll expect to see a drawing of an orange.
For Stephen, here it is. The oranges were bashed, dented, and ill-shaped, anything but round, which is great as I can't draw circles, but taste Delicious!  

The orange drawing was done when I was home between students this morning. Afterwards, I headed back to work and I arrived 20 mins. early for the next appointment. The sun was shining, it was almost warm, I had time to kill, so I sat in the bus stop and started to draw the factory. Unfortunately, the time sped passed and this was all got done.
However, that is 2 drawings during a weekday, plus the Rick Tulka quickie sketch last night. Roll on Saturday's SketchCrawl #26. (I'll be in Calabria if anyone wants to join me sketching).